Green Bean Casserole (Dairy Free + Gluten Free)

Finally, a Green Bean Casserole that is Dairy Free and Gluten Free! Made with a creamy cashew sauce and topped with homemade crispy onions for the win!


  • 3/4 cup Raw Cashews
  • 3 Medium Sweet Onions divided
  • 1/2 cup Rice Flour
  • 1/2 cup Gluten Free Panko
  • 1 Tbs + 2 tsp Sea Salt divided
  • 3 Slices Thick Cut Bacon
  • 4 Garlic Cloves finely chopped
  • 8 oz Mushrooms sliced
  • 1/4 cup White Cooking Wine
  • 1 cup Vegetable Broth
  • 2 tsp Pepper
  • 2 lbs Fresh Green Beans
  • Cooking Spray


  1. Add Cashews to a heat proof bowl and cover with boiling water, let soak for at least a half hour
  2. Preheat oven to 475 F
  3. With a mandoline thinly slice 2 of the Onions
  4. Add sliced Onions, 1 tsp Sea Salt, Rice Flour and Panko to a large ziplock bag and shake well so the Onions get coated
  5. Spray a large baking pan with cooking spray
  6. Place Onion mixture onto the pan in thin layers spreading them out as much as you can
  7. Bake 10-15 minutes, flipping half way through and keep an eye on them during the last few minutes so they don’t burn
  8. Once Onions are done, set them aside and turn oven down to 350 F
  9. Fill a sauce pan big enough to hold the green beans with water 3/4 full
  10. Bring to a boil and add 1 Tbs Salt and Green Beans
  11. Cook for 5 min, drain and fill with cold water and plenty of ice, this will keep them from cooking more, set aside
  12. While the Beans are cooking start the Bacon
  13. In a 12 inch Cast Iron or oven safe Skillet add the Bacon and cook over medium heat until crispy
  14. Remove, place on paper towels and set aside
  15. Once they are cool chop them up into bite size pieces
  16. Chop the remainder Onion and add to the Bacon greased pan
  17. Sauté 2-3 min then add Garlic and Mushrooms
  18. Sauté 2-3 min, add the Cooking Wine and let it cook down 3-4 min
  19. Remove from heat, add in Vegetable Broth, Green Beans, 1/4 of the crispy Onions, 1 tsp Sea Salt, 2 tsp Pepper
  20. In a high speed blender add the Cashews in water and blend until creamy
  21. Add the Cashew sauce to the pan
  22. Mix everything together and top with remaining crispy Onions
  23. Bake 20 minutes
  24. Remove and serve immediately
  25. Enjoy!

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